Who Drek'd in the Sprawl? A Sprawl Scouts Recognition Guide

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Know Your Drek

The Sixth World is full of drek. All kinds of drek. All different shapes. Different shades of brown. And we’re not even going to start on the smells.

You’re a shadowrunner. You know this. You’ve had all types of drek thrown at you. But did you know what it was when it hit the fan? With this deck, you will! Quickly identify six kinds of drek with this handy deck, which, sure, might not sound like a ton, but it’s six more than you knew about before you had this deck. And it’s free! So just get it!

Who Drek’d in the Sprawl is for use with any game or situation where people want to know who drek’d in the sprawl, which is pretty much limitless. But it’s made by Shadowrun people, so there’s that.