BattleTech: Two Roads Diverged (Battle of Tukayyid, Part 2)

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On 1 May 3052, twenty-five Galaxies from seven Clans clashed with twelve armies of ComStar's Com Guards on the pastoral planet of Tukayyid. For twenty-one days, one of the largest campaigns in BattleMech warfare unfolded to decide the fate of the Inner Sphere.

The Battle of Tukayyid is one of BattleTech's most pivotal conflicts. Now, explore this crucial campaign through eight different points of view"”from the enigmatic ComStar, whose relatively untested forces are the Inner Sphere's last defense against the seemingly unstoppable Clans, to each Clan, as their leaders and MechWarriors attempt to achieve victory on their own terms.

The fate of the Inner Sphere hangs in the balanceand it all comes down to one planet

TWO ROADS DIVERGED (PART TWO) by Michael J. Ciaravella

In Dinju Pass, Smoke Jaguar Star Colonel Brandon Howell leads a spoiling attack against a ComStar force waiting to ambush them.

 Note: This purchase contains both the epub and Kindle (.mobi) editions of the story.