BattleTech: Stormcrow-TC (Premium Miniature)

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Assemble Your Forces!

First seen during the battle of Tukayyid, the -TC Stormcrow offered the Clans a configuration unique to this legendary battle. 

This premium variant uses new modeling techniques being employed to update all BattleMech designs. It comes unassembled and unpainted - and includes optional parts (4 arms), allowing you to decide between the -TC and the -B variants of the Stormcrow!

Supply is very limited, so orders are currently restricted to one model per person. 

NOTE: This premium item is the second (of two) created as a test run to gauge the level of interest in the market for premium figures. Due to the success of the first miniature we have asked the supplier to make every effort to stock this item in more quickly and in sufficient quantity. They are already working on how to increase their production. Thank you for your patience!