Shadowrun: Under Pressure (A Shadowrun Novella)

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It should have been an easy job for Tycho and his team: Travel to the Sioux Nation, in the region that was once the state of Montana, and investigate what happened to the previous shadowrunning team that had gone up there to check outsomething.

But of course, things are never easy in the shadows, and soon Tycho and his fellow runners are up to their eyeballs in double-crosses and mysterious goings-on"”including the seeming complete disappearance of the previous shadowrunning team.

Their search leads them to the wilds near Yellowstone, where the answers they seek lie deep within the earthand uncover a secret that, if revealed, could result in the complete destruction of the entire Sixth World

Note: This purchase contains two files; an ebook file for use with most ereaders, and a .mobi file for use with the Amazon Kindle.