Shadowrun: The Johnson Run

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Keandra's been around for a long time, outliving most Shadowrunners twice over. With a legacy of runs under her belt, she has the solid reputation and wisdom that comes with surviving the shadows longer than most.

Looking for a way to cash in on her street cred, Keandra comes up with a novel idea: Why not set herself up as a Johnson? With her rep, she could take on the high-paying jobs, act as the in-between, and collect payment with no risk? With her rep, she could take on high paying jobs and farm them out to other capable teams, minus a small cut as a finder's fee. Everyone wins, and no one's the wiserunless someone makes the wrong call.

And when a run goes south, Keandra and her team must scramble to salvage more than just their reputations. They are thrust into a situation which could start a new world war, and have to figure out who to trust, and fastbut trust is hard to come by in the shadows