Shadowrun: Tales from the UCAS: Age of Rust (PDF)

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Layers of Power

The topmost layers of power have been scraped away, some wealth has been removed, but that doesn't mean the western borders of the UCAS have nothing of worth. Hidden weapons may yet be found. Secret powers may rise. And maneuvering for wealth? What would the Sixth World be without it?


Age of Rust shines a spotlight on a part of the UCAS that is disintegrating but still has plenty of intrigue and shadow-work happening"”maybe more than before, since the higher powers who might tamp it down have left town, leaving the layers below to rise up and fight.


Tales from the UCAS 

Combining immersive materials with spotlights on specific areas of the UCAS, the Tales from the UCAS series provides plot hooks, rules, and other material to add intrigue and excitement to your Shadowrun game while exploring how the changes that hit the UCAS will continue to shape the nation"”and how shadowrunners will adapt and exploit what they encounter.


This series has plot and setting information for use with any version of Shadowrunand rules for use with Shadowrun, Sixth World.