Shadowrun: Supplement: 10 Jackpointers

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Everyone's Watching Everyone

The problem with keeping files about ne'er-do-wells is they're a curious and clever lot. Curious and clever enough to pilfer those files from the corporate compiler, repost them, and add their own commentary-providing a level of meta-information like you've never seen before. Get the scoop on Jackpoint-posters like Kay St. Irregular, Ecotope, Man-of-Many-Names, and Turbo Bunny.

Remember: not everything you read is true. When the two sources of information are Horizon and Jackpoint ... all bets are off.

The Jackpointers presented in this download are: Baka Dabora, Ecotope, Fianchetto, Kay St. Irreggular, Lei Kung, Lyran, Man-of-Many-Names, Orbital DK, Riser, and Turbo Bunny. Each has a 2 or 3 page profile.