Shadowrun: Stirred

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Jimmy Kincaid, burned-out mage, P. I., and the closest thing Puyallup's got to a hero, has a lot on his plate these days. Simmering gang wars, feuding mobsters, missing runaways, magical power only as reliable as his stubborn sorcerous patron, and"”well above his usual pay grade"”an encrypted data file that's already cost him friends, but that he can't even access. When the always-dangerous troubles of the Seattle sprawl deepen into a bloody conspiracy with ties to neighboring nations and inhuman powers, he knows he's on the job of his life. Facing the longest of long odds, Kincaid's all too aware that the house always wins.

Luckily, he's not alone. A man like Jimmy can't walk these shadowed streets without making enemies, but he's made allies, too. With the help of his bounty-hunting best friends, an up-and-coming shadowrunner team, a former Lone Star detective who's short in stature but big in style, and his loyal, albeit flighty ally spirit, Jimmy's stacked the deck in his favor. Maybe he's got a shot after all. Maybe he can make it all work. Maybe he can find the right balance, share the right truths, and make something good out of a whole lot of bad.

Of course, the problem with a house of cards is it just takes one good hit to bring it all tumbling down

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