Shadowrun: State of the Art: 2064

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"New toys hit the street every week, omae. Wiz new tech to exploit security holes, rapid-assembly weapons disguised as Nerps to sneak past the scanners, wicked new adept fu to kick some major hoop. To keep up with the Johnsons, ya gotta scan what's coming down the pipe, otherwise you'll end up as the unfortunate example in a field-test report."

State of the Art: 2064 examines the latest groundbreaking developments in five aspects of the Shadowrun world. It explores the current state of police organization, technology and prisons and details the murky world of spycraft and political espionage. It also delves into both adept characters, discussing new paths, powers and metamagic, and European-specific magical traditions such as street witches. Finally, it provides briefs on the latest trends in mainstream and underground culture, sports and entertainment, with an eye towards shadowrunning opportunities. These sections include a selection of new gear, techniques and rules for both players and gamemasters.

For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.