Shadowrun: Loose Alliances

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Corps don't give a drek about the runners they hire. That's why they call us expendable assets. Forget working for the Mob or the Yakuza, too--once you're in, you're part of their family for the rest of your life. Lucky for us, there are swarms of other groups looking to claim their piece of sprawl and who are willing to bypass the law to do it. Policlubs, magical orders, religious factions, black marketers--these are just a few of the species struggling for survival in the shadow ecology. Hooking up with such an organization has its advantages--resources, steady employment, backup--but pick the wrong outfit to run with and you'll regret it when they kick you to curb. So what's it going to be, chummer? You can't roll solo forever.

Loose Alliances is a sourcebook for organizations that operate by their own set of rules in the Shadowrun world. From political factions and religious movements to treasure hunters and organleggers, it provides a wealth of information on the more obscure parties in the shadows and the benefits and drawbacks that come with them. Loose Alliances broadens the world of Shadowrun for player and gamemaster alike. For use with Shadowrun.

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