Shadowrun: Aztlan

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Secret Leaders
Corporate Government
Tight Borders
Constant War
Strange Magic

Only one place has it all in 2056--Aztlan, the world's only corporate nation.

Built on the drug trade, consolidated country by country through ruthless business deals, run by a powerful and mysterious corporation and sustained by a national faith in the Aztec gods, Aztlan can be a runner's greatest dream or his most chilling nightmare. For at the heart of war-torn Aztlan lies Aztechnology, a potential mother lode of paydata and newtech, and an almost certain source of death. Listen carefully to the rumors and judge for yourself which are true or false--Aztlan guards its secrets well, and Aztechnology will kill to keep it that way.

The Aztlan sourcebook describes the people, history, economy and current affairs of the nation of Aztlan, including details on Aztechnology Corporation, the unusual magic practiced by Aztlaner citizens, and the Yucatˆn conflict. This book also describes many aspects of life in Tenochtitlˆn (formerly Mexico City), and provides new rules for Aztlaner magic and Aztechnology corporate personnel.

Aztlan contains game statistics for Shadowrun, Second Edition.