Shadowrun: Runner's Toolkit (Shadowrun 4th Edition)

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When you go into a tight spot, you go in prepared. One gun might be good, but two is better. And two guns and a grenade launcher is better still. Throw in a spellslinger to watch your back, and you're on to something.
Runner's Toolkit is the well-stocked arsenal all runners should have, the ultimate accessory to the Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary core rulebook. Inside you'll find:
  • On the Run, one of Shadowrun's most popular introductory adventures;
  • Contacts, Adventures and Sprawl Sites, a booklet that gives you the who, the what, and the where to launch runners on new missions;
  • The Pre-generated Auxiliary Character and Kit System, a modular system that makes character and NPC generation simple while keeping characters highly customizable;
  • Anatomy of a Shadowrun, a two-column book; one column tells the story of a high-stakes run, while the other details the tests and rules that players involved in the run would encounter, giving gamesters insight into how a Shadowrun game flows;
  • Six quick-reference sheets that, with the gamemaster's screen, greatly reduces the time spent flipping through books to find a particular rule;
  • A book compiling tables from Arsenal, Street Magic, Augmentation and Unwired--it's the ultimate shopping list for runners!
Runner's Toolkit is an adrenaline shot to the heart of your Shadowrun game, jolting your runners and keeping them moving until they end up like all good runners--either rich or dead.
Be sure to grab the full box set, which includes everything above along with:
  • A deluxe, four-panel gamemaster's screen that puts critical information directly in front of you;
  • 4 laminated maps of Sprawl Site locations;
  • A poster of the Sixth World Seattle skyline, and
  • A Shadowrun logo sticker.