Missions: Take a Chance (05-06)

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No Job Is Easy

No matter what Mr. Johnson says, shadowrunners are never hired to do anything easy. If the job were easy, Mr. Johnson would do it himself. Sharp shadowrunners learn to recognize when a job is going to present extra challenges. There are certain signs, such as: 1) Mr. Johnson is openly auditioning multiple teams, both to find the right people and to set the auditioning parties on edge. 2) Mr. Johnson doesn't seem too anxious to reveal relevant details of the job; and worst of all, 3) Mr. Johnson claims it will be easy.

Sarah Silverleaf has a job for the runners, but unfortunately all of the above criteria are met. Danger is waiting for the runners, and she's not about to tell them what it is. They'll have to walk in the dark, navigate the unknown, and survive whatever comes at them. Because that's the job.

Take a Chance is the conclusion of the fifth season of Shadowrun Missions, but it's not the end of the runners' time in Chicago. More intrigue awaits--if the runners can survive Silverleaf's mission.

Take a Chance is a great continuation of the season-long plotline for Missions, or an exciting space to launch a campaign. It is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.