Shadowrun: Missions: Started from the Bottom (09-01)

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Lighting the Electric Town

Neo-Tokyo, where the bright neon makes for some deep shadows. It's not the easiest place to navigate, but the rewards for learning how it works are high. Want a shot at the big time? Then you have to start somewhere. And there are always openings at the bottom.

That doesn't mean life will be either safe or boring. Dedicated runners can be caught in the mayhem of a troll metal concert, look for the right way to shake down a business, show some punks who's the boss, and give a corp drone what's coming to him. There may be bigger-paying jobs out there, but getting these jobs right is the first step to getting them.

SRM 09-01: Started from the Bottom is the first Mission in the Neo-Tokyo series of Shadowrun: Missionsand a great way to launch into the evolving storyline! Even better, it's dual-statted, so it can be used with both Shadowrun, Sixth World and Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. This is the time to jump into one of the Sixth World's most dynamic settings!