Shadowrun: Missions: 04-02: Extraction

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Corporate Headhunting

Parker Acson is a hot property. Horizon has just hired him, but they're the only ones who want him. Acson has gotten the attention of plenty of players in the magical arena, and several of them are interested in getting a piece of him. The runners have been hired to extract Acson by a mysterious Mr. Johnson, and they're going to have to move quickly to get him out safely. There is plenty of competition out there, and not all of them are interested in Acson staying alive and intact.

SRM 04-02: Extraction throws runners into a den of lions and lets them claw their way out. Its novel structure presents plenty of possibilities and allows the players to choose who will become their allies while seeing what kind of enemies they can create.

Set in Seattle, Extraction continues the artifacts-related plot strand of the fourth season of Missions. It is intended for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.