Shadowrun: Missions: 03-09: Something Completely Different

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It's Not Just a Show, It's a Happening

As any artist will tell you, the art scene can be brutal, especially in a high-octane setting like Manhattan. There are plenty of horror stories to go around--but none of them can touch what's about to go down at the Guggenheim.

In this Mission, Shadowrun players will find themselves in the middle of an art opening unlike any other, with chaos and screaming and dancing statues. Unless they keep their wits about them, the latest masterpiece in the museum will be painted in blood--and to make things worse, if they can't defuse the situation, they might not get paid.

Something Completely Different is the latest Manhattan Mission, giving Missions players a chance to learn more about the creative spirit behind some of the city's artistic masterworks while also giving them the opportunity to shore up their alliances with powerful megacorps.