Shadowrun: Legends: Technobabel

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He awoke in a body bag, his brain fried, a black hole where his memory should be. If not for the cool carbon-fiber blade concealed in the bones of his arm, he would've been dead for sure. But Michael Bishop--a.k.a. Babel, messiah of the Matrix--is back in the game.

Renraku Computer Systems has defied the accords of the Corporate Court. Now they must decipher the secrets of the otaku--and Babel is the technoshaman reborn for the job. But Netwalking in the shadows of the electron jungle means initiation into deadly megacorporate intrigue--and discovering more about Babel's own team than he fears he should know. As allies become adversaries, Babel breaks through the dreaded black ice security to find a doorway to the future--and signs of a corp war looming on the horizon--one that could destroy the technoworld and beyond...forever.