Shadowrun: Legends: Shadowplay by Nigel Findley

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Sly is a shadowrunning veteran. She's survived more missions than she cares to remember, and has the physical and emotional scars to prove it. But no matter how violent it became, it had always been business as usual. Until now.

Falcon is a kid. He thinks he hears the call of magic, and the voice of one of the Great Spirits seems to whisper in his ears. He’s come to the urban jungle of Seattle to seek his calling.

Thrown together, veteran and novice, Sly and Falcon find themselves embroiled in a deadly confrontation between the world's most powerful corporations. And if it’s not stopped, this conflict could turn to all-out warfare, spilling out of the shadows and into the streets…

Note: This purchase contains both the ebook and Kindle (.mobi) editions of the book.