Shadowrun: Imposter

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Nero is a mage with a murky past, working with a tight-knit crew out of Amsterdam. When a Johnson hires the team to extract her to see what they can do, she surprises them even further with the real mission: infiltrate a high-level business meeting and make sure the pending asset sale goes to the Johnson herself.

And there's one more twist to this run: Nero will have to pose as the man who put the entire deal together"”his twin brother Enzowho left him for dead when they were teenagers years ago.

Ghosts from Nero's past clash with danger in his present, as he must now walk a tightrope between the shadowrunning world and the corporate world, an entire universe he knows nothing about, and one that works by its own intricate systems. But when the run goes wrong, Nero is suddenly placed in mortal peril, and it's up to his team to get him out of a place where one wrong move can leave all of them very, very dead

Note: This purchase contains two files: one mobi file for use with the Kindle, and one ebook file for use with other ebook readers.