Shadowrun: Identity: Crisis

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Oliver Martin had it all: a beautiful fiancée and a great job at a corp he helped build"”a perfect life. But one morning, he wakes up to discover he no longer exists... anywhere. Oliver no longer has a job, a SIN, bank accounts, or even a place to live in his hometown of Boston. He's been wiped from the Matrix entirely, and a new identity has replaced his own. Only this one's on Lone Star's Most Wanted List, and Oliver's usual morning meeting with the company he's been at for fourteen years turns into the first run of his life.

For his life.

Boston's mean streets hold the keys to Oliver's fight to reclaim himself and discover who's behind his redacted identity. Allying with a shadowrunner team that saves him proves to be the vehicle he needs to uncover a conspiracy within the halls of MIT&T that could bring down the corporate walls of Boston"”and create more vanished innocents caught in an algorithm of greed.