Shadowrun: Executive Dice

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How Mr. Johnson rolls!

For the first time, we are bringing to the Catalyst Store the same Executive Dice set originally offered as convention-only swag. One set of six dice, all precision-edged and crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. In this Shadowrun set, the "1" is replaced with a troll skull, and the classic, totem "S" modifies the usual "5" and "6" faces.

This Executive set is anodized in color (black, blue, red, green, & purple) then laser-etched for a white face. There are six (6) dice in each set, and an optional case. The optional case is also aircraft-grade aluminum, precision-crafted in a sleek, channel-style form with strong magnetic clasps holding on the lid. The lid is laser-etched with the Shadowrun totem "S" logo.


Note: This release is limited in quantity. We will base restocks on demand by our fans!