Shadowrun: Dragonbones by Stephen Dedman

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A seemingly-harmless photo seen by the wrong person sets off a dangerous treasure hunt for a fortune contained in the opalized fossil skeleton of a dragon in the Australian Outback.

On one side, the corporate operators of a ruthless mining company, who’s greedy owner wants the potential billions of nuyen such a find would bring on the black market. On the other side, a loose alliance of shadowrunners, Awakened magic-users, and local tribespeople for whom the site of the fossil, nicknamed the Old Timer, is sacred land, and who will defend it by any means necessary.

But when the megacorp ups the stakes by releasing a debilitating nanovirus among the scattered communities around the site, the shadowrunners do what they do best—execute a daring run both in the Matrix and real-time at the mining corp’s headquarters in search of something—anything—to get the corp to stand down. But will they succeed before the corp operators find the Old Timer and steal it away?

Note: This purchase contains two files: an ebook file compatible with most ereaders, and a .mobi file for use with the Kindle.