Shadowrun: Clean Record by Dylan Birtolo (A Shadowrun Novella)

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Maria Price is good at her job. Very good. As a corporate operative, she carries out sensitive missions for Ares Macrotechnology, one of the premier megacorporations in the Sixth World. But megacorps are infamous for demanding absolute loyalty from their employees, and equally infamous for not reciprocating. And when Maria encounters an assassin in her own home, she must question everything she holds dear.

Her quest for answers leads her to the glittering city of Neo-Tokyo, and a mission for Ares also holds the bonus of being against the corp she thinks tried to kill her. But when she encounters a competing ops team onsite, Maria quickly realizes the scope of this mission is bigger—much bigger—than she expected.

And when she finally tracks down her target, the information he shares goes far beyond anything Maria ever expected, and draws her further into corporate machination than she ever planned to go…assuming she can survive.

Note: This file contains two electronic versions of this book: one epub file for use with many ereaders, and one .mobi file for use with the Amazon Kindle.