BattleTech: Reinforcements Clan Invasion (SALE)

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In the heat and terror of battle, as enemy troops force you back and defeat seems at hand, nothing brings a smile like the sight of reinforcements!

This box includes nearly 200 full-color, high-quality stand-ups, covering all of the redesigned 'Mechs and Elemental from the hugely successful BattleTech: Clan Invasion crowdfunding campaign. Also included are 248 record sheets covering each 'Mech's primary variants and configurations. A double-sized map features the first-ever depictions of the Plain of Curtains and the Great Gash on the world of Twycross, two of the key battlefields of the Clan Invasion. Finally, a die-cut sheet of Support units and Diabolis storm tokens--with corresponding rules--bring Twycross to life on your table.

The Reinforcements: Clan Invasion box is a supplement to A Game of Armored Combat and Clan Invasion boxes, as well as Total Warfare, which are required to use this set. There are no miniatures in this product.