BattleTech: Operational Turning Points: Fronc Reaches

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After the Jihad, Inner Sphere border worlds were no longer easy pickings for Periphery pirate bands. Instead, they returned their attention to the Periphery's weaker nations. The nascent military and non-existent intelligence assets of the Fronc Reaches made the young nation a particularly tempting target. Opposing them were the Colonial Marshals, who risked everything to permanently drive the pirates from their worlds, but faced vastly superior numbers. Would the campaign be the dawn of a new nation, or the twilight of the Marshals? 

Operational Turning Points: Fronc Reaches gives players the chance to recreate this desperate struggle for the very survival of a young nation. This campaign uses the Chaos Campaign and Alpha Strike rules in concert to allow players to fight individual Missions and Touchpoints, follow a campaign arc, or inserting the Marshals' bold plan into their own campaigns. Included are detailed information on the worlds involved, full details of the units which took part in the campaign, an overview of the historical campaign, and several tools players can use to run historical characters and battles from this time period. The only limits are the players' imagination!