BattleTech: MapPack: WWE2018 Terrain Set

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Print Your Battlefield!

BattleTech MapPacks bring back BattleTech's classic map sheets in printable form. Using the original map sheet art, and sized for compatibility with the original printed sheets and newer Hex Packs alike, you can now store and print as many sheets as needed for your BattleTech games.

Use these sheets in conjunction with the random terrain tables found in Total Warfare, or any time you need a quick map, but transporting physical terrain is impractical. Mount them on poster board or cardboard for longevity, or cut them up to mix and match your own unique battlefields.

For use with BattleTech, Total Warfare, Tactical Operations, and Strategic Operations. 
The WWE2018 Terrain Set includes all the maps needed to run the 2018 World Wide Event, Dig, Defend, or Die.