Leviathans: Point System Beta Test

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Have you ever played a game and wondered how they generated the point value of a given unit? Or if the system is revealed, felt it didn't reflect your style of gaming, or you might have done X or Y different? Well now's your chance to participate in creating a point system for balancing fleets in Leviathans that mirrors what you want to see on your gaming table.

Last year Catalyst Game Labs ran an online Open Alpha Test of the Leviathans' Point System. Now, you can leap into the action and participate in the Open Beta Test.

First, download this free Leviathans Point System Open Beta Test PDF. It includes an already heavily playtested, full point system, along with pre-generated point values for all extent Ship Cards (including those currently released as PDF-only).

Second, build some games based upon those preexisting point values and get those dice rolling and ships blowing up. If you feel the point system as currently shown doesn't accurately convey the various strengths and weaknesses of each ship, visit the forums at monstersinthesky.com. A ˆ_Ñ??Determining Points Value Beta Testˆ? thread has been created and will be active for six months. Post your feedback, comments and especially your suggestions for tweaks to the system that you feel will improve it.