Wakening Lair: The Dark Forest

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A chill wind carries rumors of ancient evils. Foreboding shadows with luminous eyes creep about in the gloom. Only you and a handful of brave adventurers dare trod its twilight paths, defeat the lurking monsters therein and claim the forest’s hidden treasures.

Wakening Lair the Dark Forest is a fully cooperative dungeon crawl style game. Play characters from unique hero classes working together to defeat monsters, disarm traps, and make your heroes stronger with treasure before the Monstrous Terror awakens! When it does, you’ll need teamwork, strategy and luck to keep it from escaping!

This family-friendly 1-6 player game is also fully compatible with the original Wakening Lair! Ages 12+ but since this a cooperative game those younger than 12 can play with older players making decisions as a team.