Crowdfunding Your Fiction: A Best Practices Guide

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Kick Your Fiction Up A Level 

     The purpose of this guide is to help you trim time you’d have wasted getting started, focus your early research, and offer some specific knowledge I (and others) have field-tested and continue to use when building and running our own campaigns. To remove those early fears, and help prevent you for making the worst of the early mistakes.
     The "desktop edition" is wire-ring-bound (similar to the example picture) so it lays open and flat on a desk so you can work the hands-on chapters. It is also be printed on heavy paper stock and has extra wide margins for jotting in your own notes.
     This book appears here as a special favor to Pulse Publishing and Loren L. Coleman, to offer the final copies of the rare-to-find "Workbook edition" offered during their Kickstarter.