BattleTech: Black Knight (Premium Miniature)

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Assemble Your Forces!

The Com Guards created a special version of the Black Knight - known as the 'Clanbuster' - to face the Clans on Tukayyid.  Wielding a special sword-shaped hatchet and an all-energy weapons array, this BattleMech proved effective in thwarting the Invading Clans' quest for Terra.

This premium variant, featured on the cover of the Battle of Tukayyid, uses new modeling techniques being employed to update all BattleMech designs. It comes unassembled and unpainted - and includes multiple optional parts (3 hands, 3 arms, 3 legs), allowing you to decide from dozens pf poses!

Supply is very limited, so orders are currently restricted to one model per person. We are working with the supplier to provide more of these premium models as quickly as possible. Watch for a CGL store survey this week to help us gauge interest in this, and other awesome new products!