BattleTech: World Wide Event: Requiem for a Blue Star

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After 200 years of being lost to the Inner Sphere, the remains of the 295th BattleMech Division was discovered in 3021. The fate of a lost Star League division could finally be penciled in.

But for ComStar, this was not welcome news. The division was only a few jumps beyond the Inner Sphere, too far to bring the equipment back covertly, but close enough to the Lyran Commonwealth"”and especially the Draconis Combine"”to be a potential source of 'Mechs for them. So ComStar hid them, and for 130 years the secret remained just that.

But people talk...and secrets leak.

Requiem for a Blue Star was the 2019 BattleTech World Wide Event depicting the clash between Bartlett's Boxers and La Grande Armée. This PDF-only product includes the Total Warfare and Alpha Strike scenarios as well as the final results of the event.