BattleTech: Welcome to the Nebula California

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I Think I Feel a Song Coming On!

ComStar lied! (We know: Big shock!) They said they checked out this distant rimward nebula, which ancient charts called "California" for some reason. Perhaps because someone in IE's corporate mish-mash of a leadership didn't trust them--or more likely because they forgot that there even was a report from the Explorer Corps--the loose confederation of explorers, prospectors, and dig gypsies who make up Interstellar Expeditions thought they'd check it out again...Contrary to an unremarkable (and uninhabited) region of stars surrounded by the dusty shell of a millions-year-old explosion, IE's expedition to the California Nebula has made some startling discoveries!

Welcome to the Nebula California (AKA Explorer's Report: California Nebula) offers a few new venues for of-beat BattleTech adventures far from the hustle, bustle, and yet predictable chaos of the Dark Age-era Inner Sphere. Here, far from known civilizations (and from HPGs!), are worlds, societies, and technologies unlike any seen back home! Special rules, back-stories, and yes, even record sheets, are included for a host of new (and hopefully unique) new...things, ready for play in your (really) advanced BattleTech and A Time of War games.