BattleTech: Visions of Rebirth by Randall N. Bills (Founding of the Clans, Book Two)

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General Aleksandr Kerensky is dead. The Pentagon Worlds are in flames. The dream of a Star League-in-Exile is over, shattered by civil war. Amid the chaos, Nicholas Kerensky leads those who will follow him into a second exodus to the world of Strana Mechty.

Yet unlike his father, Nicholas Kerensky must choose a different path: He wants to do away with all that was, and create an entirely new order. However, the bounds of society that go back millennia cannot be shed so easily. Resistance must be overcome, and blood must be spilled before Nicholas' dream can be achieved. But without his brother Andery's help, the entire venture is doomed before it even begins.

Brothers, however, don't always share the same goals. And as more aspects of civilization are purged in the relentless forging of this new society, Andery fears the worst of human nature will arise. Can he find a way forward and stay by his brother's side or will Nicholas' ultimate vision be realized as everything Andery stands against?

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