BattleTech: Vinyl Sticker Sets (1.5")

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Stick it to your forces!

Or anywhere else you'd like!

Expanding our list of BattleTech swag, Catalyst Game Labs has produced a run of vinyl stickers great for decorating out your miniatures cases, laptops, phone covers, and other high-visibility spaces.

There are two separate products: the House Logo Sheet and the Clan Logo Sheet. Each House or Clan logo is approximately 1.5" in diameter (or its longest axis). The House Logo Sheet also includes the classic Atlas BattleMech head. The Clan Logo Sheet includes a Clan daggerstar in place of a fifth Clan logo, a "BattleTech" word logo, and a bonus 2" MadCat. (Clan logos, not being round, gave up room for an extra bonus item).

These are printed on thick, scratch-resistant vinyl, designed to withstand exposure to sun, rain and snow, and are also considered "dishwasher safe." (CGL has not independently and fully tested all these claims! Stick them to your snowmobile and run it through a dishwasher at your own risk!)