BattleTech: Turning Points: Epsilon Eridani

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Blake's Blessed Avenging Angels

In the wake of the Jihad and Devlin Stone's creation of the Republic of the Sphere, the ancient Order of ComStar was transformed. Their once-proud Com Guards were disbanded, never to rise again. Gone were the robes, the religion, the chants?ÕŽ_--and the Word of Blake. But deep within the shattered Order remained a secret outlasting the long decades of peace: the Com Guard reborn...and with it, hidden believers in the old ways of ComStar.

In 3135, the secret of the Com Guard and their Blessed Order got out. With the Inner Sphere torn apart by the HPG Blackout, the reformed Com Guard found itself in an epic battle against the Republic of the Sphere, their very survival at stake.

Turning Points: Epsilon Eridani uses Chaos Campaign rules and gives players the option of fighting individual battles, following a campaign arc, inserting it into their own campaigns and even creating their own scenarios with optional rules to give their games an ˆ_Ñ??Epsilon flavor.ˆ? The PDF exclusive includes a detailed map of the world of Epsilon Eridani, a rundown of the forces involved in the conflict, and several tracks that players can use to run simple lance-on-lance battles or stage a planetary invasion. Only the players' imaginations are the limits.