BattleTech: Touring the Stars: Regis Roost

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Ringers and Roosters. Two separate cultures living very different lives, one in the rings of the verdant planet of Regis Roost, the other at the bottom of that world's gravity well. Two separate governing philosophies, one as an extended family with corporate laws, and the other a pseudo-democracy subverted for decades by external interests. Two very different civilizations living on one world in the Taurian Concordat"”what could possibly go wrong? 

Touring the Stars is a whistle-stop tour of the universe! Every system and planet where mankind treads in the BattleTech universe has a story, for those with the drive to explore it. Take a tour of the stars humanity now calls home, experience awesome new worlds, immerse yourself in the local civilization, and prepare to do battle in exotic locales.