BattleTech: The Trickster (The Proliferation Cycle, Part VII)

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On the faraway Clan Homeworlds during the Golden Century, Nicholas Kerensky's vision of the Clans has blossomed into a thriving, varied culture where the warrior is esteemed above alland MechWarriors, in their armored war machines, are at the pinnacle of Clan hierarchy.

The eighteen Clans have existed in relative technological parity as welluntil the day Clan Coyote fields a radical new 'Mech that gives them the edge on any battlefield"”the OmniMech. Supremely customizable thanks to its modular design, the OmniMech threatens to upend the delicate balance of power among the Clansand its secrets become a hotly contested prize.

In the annual Trial of Possession for the OmniMech technology, the Jade Falcons have won the right to challenge the Coyotes first. But along with the upcoming 'Mech battle, a shadowy force is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the Falcons succeedeven if it requires the sacrifice of cherished ideals

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