BattleTech: The Nellus Academy Incident

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The battlefields of the 31st century are commanded by the BattleMech, twelve-meter-tall, 100-ton bipedal engines of destruction. Fought by MechWarriors, commanded by neo-feudal officers, owned by national governments and band of mercenaries, loyal to one of the interstellar Successor States or the martial Clans, these 'Mechs make every other ground combat vehicle obsolete.

This is the warfare of fusion-powered giants.

This is BattleTech.

Allegra Greene is no stranger to the military; her father is a general, after all. But when she enters the Nellus Military Academy, she find far more than she expected. She finds a group of friends that will keep her going, training that is challenging, and instructors that push her to the edge and beyond.

Unfortunately, that's not all she finds, and soon the endemic politics and warfare of the Inner Sphere reach the Nellus Academy. Soon, Allegra and her friends are in a life-or-death struggle to survive!

Praise for The Nellus Academy Incident:

Brozek creates well-developed and complex characters whose failures and successes, strengths and weaknesses pull you in, making you care about them and their fate. I would definitely recommend this book for older YA Lit, New Adult, and Adult readers.ˆ?

ˆ_Ñéë± Janine K. Spendlove, War of the Seasons trilogy, USMC pilot

ˆ_Ñ??Jennifer Brozek's superb storytelling makes me want to play BattleTech again.ˆ?

ˆ_Ñéë± M. Todd Gallowglas, Tears of Rage and Halloween Jack series

ˆ_Ñ??A fun read. Jennifer Brozek's BattleTech novel, The Nellus Academy Incident, takes us on a wild journey as we follow Cadet Allegra Greene from the classroom to the battlefield. BattleTech fans, this one's a winner.ˆ?

ˆ_Ñéë± Bobby Nash, Evil Ways and Earthstrike Agenda

Note: This zip file contains two versions of the novella. One epub file and one mobi file.