BattleTech: The Mercenary's Handbook

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"Variety is the spice of battle..."

By the 31st century, war has raged in the Successor States for over 200 years. In this ongoing conflict, the mercenary soldier has ample opportunity to seek his fortune under the banner of one of the Great Houses--a career frought with danger but rich in potential rewards.

The Mercenary's Handbook is a BattleTech and MechWarrior, First Edition supplement describing the mercenary way of life. It details everything from troop capabilities to a mercenary unit's expenses, and from the ins and outs of contract negotiations to the nature of 31st century warfare. Commentary and views on the Succession Wars mercenary provide a solid background for gamers who need to learn the basics of the business of war, while game rules translate these ideas into simple systems for creating a merc outfit, finding and signing with employers, and resolving an entire military campaign.

This 104-page book contains more than 50 full-color illustrations and mercenary crests. The complete history and operating procedures of three example mercenary companies are also included: the Eridani Light Horse, the Waco Rangers, and Wilson's Hussars.

Admired as a consumate professional yet reviled as a hireling loyal only to money, the successful mercenary needs more than combat skill to ply his trade. If you have the wit, the business skills, the political wisdom, and the tactical genius to become a mercenary leader, The Mercenary's Handbook is for you!