BattleTech: The Damocles Sanction by Michael J. Ciaravella

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The once-mighty Federated Suns has been weakened by years of conflict on both sides of its border. Its proud capitol, New Avalon, has been held by its mortal enemy, the Draconis Combine, for years, forcing First Prince Julian Davion to rule his fractious nation on the run.

But at long last, the time to liberate New Avalon from the Dragon is at hand. And despite very different opinions as to how they retake the Davion family’s seat of power, Julian and his Prince’s Champion, Field Marshal Erik Sandoval, must work together to free the planet, the first step to rebuilding their proud nation.

Yet liberating New Avalon is only the first step. While the First Prince attempts to hold the marches together and the Prince’s Champion battles Draconis Combine forces on nearby worlds, new threats lurk around every corner. Facing dangers both at home and abroad, both men must fight to preserve the Davion throne while ensuring their own rivalry doesn’t spark a brand-new conflict—one that could tear the Federated Suns apart all over again…

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