BattleTech: The Battle for Twycross

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From beyond known space come the Clans... high-tech barbarians bring war and destruction to the Inner Sphere. The Jade Falcons were one of the fiercest and most brutal of the Clans. Preying on the Federated Commonwealth, they mercilessly slaughtered its defending forces.

The most successful of the Jade Falcons forces were the Falcon Guards. Led by Star Colonel Adler Malthus, the guards amassed an incredible string of victories.

Their fate was to end up buried under tons of rock, entombed forever by Leftenant Kai Allard, giving the Federated Commonwealth its first victory over the Clans.

This scenario pack recreates the battles for Twycross, with 15 BattleTech scenarios and 1 BattleForce 1 scenario, following the Falcon Guards from their greatest success to their final stand.