Star League

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A single man ruled and controlled 3,000 star systems.

The Lords of Davion, Kurita, Steiner, Marik, and Liao deferred to his will.

After the explosive spread of mankind through the stars and before the chaos of the Succession Wars was a golden age of advancement.

Unequalled levels of technology, human rights, and prosperity were reached.

Planets bent to the will of man, as terraforming and weather control became both possible and economical.

Agro-technology fed billions. The average human lifespan was extended to 108 standard years by medical science.

But those same advances carried a curse, for the engines of war from the Star League era possessed power unequalled in the Successor States today.

And in that time of great deeds stood the greatest warrior of all time, Aleksandr Kerensky.

The Star League is a ComStar document detailing the history, commerce, organization, and military campaigns of mankind's finest moment, and the tragic failures that doomed it.

This PDF may contain modified illustrations of BattleMechs that are not currently used in BattleTech.