BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #3 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)

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Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine brings you more BattleMech action from the war-torn 31st century and beyond! Celebrate Star League Day with tales of a long-abandoned 'Mech rediscovered and pressed into service, a quest for vengeance in enemy territory, the resurgence of old ghosts, and the threat of bitter betrayal in the face of long odds. Charge headlong into technical readouts, assassin conspiracies, in-depth equipment articles, playable holiday-themed scenarios, and more"”all from BattleTech veterans, fan favorites, and new authors:

Michael A. Stackpole
Loren L. Coleman
Blaine Lee Pardoe
Bryan Young
Bryn Bills
Charles Dalmas
Chris Hussey
Daniel Isberner
Alex Kaempen
Craig A. Reed, Jr.
Eric Salzman
Lance Scarinci
David Smith
Tom Stanley

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