BattleTech: Second Succession War (PDF)

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By 2821, the "œGreat Succession War" has ground to a halt, the participants desperately seeking respite and to forge a new peace and hope for mankind. Yet not everyone shares this ideal, and soon secret machinations undermine the peace efforts and propel the Inner Sphere into a new round of violence. Soon brother will be set against brother and madness will reign once more in: The Second Succession War.

BattleTech: Second Succession War covers the aftermath of the titanic First Succession War and the Great Houses efforts to survive before the machinations of Conrad Toyama propel them into a new round of blood-letting. Detailing the efforts to build a peace while preparing for a new war, this volume showcases the causes and consequences of the Second Succession War, as well as the politics and stresses between and within the Great Houses.