BattleTech: Plenty of Room in the Nebula California

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This Could be Heaven, or this Could be Hell

Rimward of the Inner Sphere, far beyond reach or relevance to the major Houses and Clans who battle each other even now, lies a nebula long thought to be mundane, uninhabited, and insignificant. The last expedition to that cloud of space dust never returned. Over fifty years later, a second expedition now embarks to delve into the mystery that is the California Nebula!

Plenty of Room in the Nebula California is a special follow-up to Welcome to the Nebula California, with more off-beat settings for BattleTech adventures far from the hustle, bustle, and cyclic chaos of the Dark Age-era Inner Sphere. Here in this space—where the very laws of logic, physics, and biology seem warped and twisted beyond recognition—worlds, societies, and technologies have arisen among populations long lost to the realms humanity now calls home! Special rules, backstories, and record sheets are included for a host of new (and hopefully unique) … things, ready for play in your (really) advanced BattleTech and A Time of War games.