Mercenaries Supplemental Update

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The Edge of Extinction

In October 3067, a war began that unleashed horrors upon the Great Houses, atrocities thought abandoned with the First Succession War. And for the mercenaries of the Inner Sphere, this war has far-reaching consequences. With the heart and soul of the mercenary trade annihilated on Outreach, the reliability of every mercenary command is called into question. Some Houses now consider their most stalwart work-for-hire commands as enemies, and mercenaries, from the elite to the dregs, are fighting for their lives... and more importantly, their reputations.

Classic BattleTech Mercenaries Supplemental Update details the fallout of the opening years of the Jihad and its impact on mercenaries. This product updates all major mercenary commands currently embroiled in the Jihad, covers the various Hiring Halls, and provides details on brand-new mercenary commands springing up from the remains of commands shattered in the opening years of the Jihad. Mercenaries Supplemental Update includes rules for running mercenary commands during this era and a section describing newly premiered battlefield units.