BattleTech: Luthien

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Humiliated by their defeat on the planet Wolcott, the warriors of Clan Smoke Jaguar have returned to the Inner Sphere to avenge themselves against the Armies of the Draconis Combine. Bolstered by Clan Nova Cat, the invaders have massed an invasion fleet of new OmniMechs, battle-armored Elementals and aerospace fighters to destroy the Dragon.

Their target? Luthien, the Black Pearl of the Combine, capital of the Realm and home to the Imperial Palace.

Luthien lets you join the action as these fearsome invaders square off against the Combine's most elite MechWarriors and some of the Inner Sphere's finest mercenary units in an epic battle of the Clan Wars.

Luthien is a BattleTech scenario pack that includes a detailed history of the Battle of Luthien, personality profiles and MechWarrior statistics for major players in the engagement, game statistics for three new OmniMEch designs, and two full-size BattleTech mapsheets of the Imperial City and the Kado-guchi Valley.

NOTE: This PDF is a scan of a print book. It may contain modified illustrations of BattleMechs that are not currently used in BattleTech.