BattleTech: Legends: Prince of Havoc by Michael A. Stackpole (Twilight of the Clan, Vol. 7)

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Task Force Serpent has triumphed, and Clan Smoke Jaguar is shattered beyond redemption. But the final battle is still to come, when Prince Victor Steiner-Davion braves the unknown and travels to the very heart of the Clans: Strana Mechty. There, with elite units from across the Inner Sphere, he must wage the ultimate battle to destroy the the Crusader cause, and forever eliminate the possibility of a new Clan invasion. Pushed to the edge of of endurance by a peace they cannot understand, the Clans accept the challenge—and the ultimate battle begins.

But even if the Inner Sphere should prove triumphant, will their return be what they expect? Prince Victor left an Inner Sphere in united under a new Star League to battle the most dangerous foe the Inner Sphere has ever encountered: the Clans. But he also left behind his scheming sister Katrina Steiner, whose ambition knows no bounds.

Task Force Serpent and Prince Victor believe facing the Clans on their own homeworlds would be the most difficult fight of their lives. They will soon learn that their fight has just begun...

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