BattleTech: Legends: Operation Excalibur by William H. Keith, Jr. (A Gray Death Legion Novel)

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The mercenary code was broken by the Gray Death Legion during their desperate fighting on the planet Caledonia. At least, that is the ruling of the courts. And the judges decide to hit below the belt—Grayson Carlyle, revered leader of the now outlawed mercenary band, is stripped of his title and holdings, and the legion is banished from Glengarry, the planet they've called home for years.

All seems lost, but Carlyle and his legendary troop of hardened warriors know they've been set up—and they have a trump card yet to play. Their dangerous scheme just might work, with the help of House Steiner"”and enough guts and firepower to restore the name of the Gray Death Legion to its rightful place of honor.

But should they fail, they could lose a great deal more than their reputation...

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