BattleTech: Legends: Freebirth by Robert Thurston (Twilight of the Clans, Vol. 4)

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"Dispatch Horse to the planet Huntress!" The orders to investigate the secret experiment being done by the Falcons on the Smoke Jaguar homeworld came down from the Jade Falcon Khan herself. But does the covert mission require the natural bravery of a freeborn warrior—or do Horse's genetically engineered comrades consider him expendable?

The perilous trek is dead-ended by a crash landing—right into a Smoke Jaguar trap. His 'Mech confiscated, his DropShip down, his Trinary imprisoned, Horse is duty bound to the enemy Jaguars—and closer to the core of the strange secrets of the Falcon stronghold than he ever imagined.

For the Clan, the consequences could be explosive. For Horse, they could be fatal...

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